EP 187: The Holocaust is a Myth (in Bahrain)

My friend Lyle signed up to teach English and History in Bahrain for a year. He never imagined that he would be forced to deny the Holocaust and rip pages that mention the Holocaust from textbooks.

Later that month Lyle got in trouble for talking about 'Human Rights' and had to flee Bahrain or face trial and possible jail time or deportation. This is a story of an American citizen who found himself in an impossible situation.


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  1. Hello Yuval
    I think this is a very valuable episode, not only to learn that from political (or ignorance) reasons people and countries are still ignoring (or denying) the existence of the Holocaust. Well enough to look at Today's Syria and Africa and even at The Bosnia war to understand that the world has not learned a lot since then. BUT I was very disappointed with your American friend that for adventure is willing to once again take part of this erasing of history and even when he knows what is doing is wrong he will still re-due it…very disappointing.

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